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TTC Timeline

Sometime in 2001 – Have irregular, lengthy periods. No questions asked. Put on the COCP which I remain on for years and years

July 2012 – Get married and stop taking the COCP

June 2013 – Only a handful of periods all year. Ask General Practitioner to refer me on to Fertility Specialists. Preliminary blood tests point towards a possible diagnosis of PCOS

September 2013 – Attend Fertility Clinic.

October – December 2013 – Undergo ultrasound, bloods, hysterosalpingogram, semen analysis.

January 2014 – Diagnosis of PCOS. Very mild sperm dysfunction (likely due to a binge at a stag weekend prior to one of the semen analyses!)

Commence Clomid at 50mg. By May, only just achieving ovulation through 150mg dose of Clomid. Final two ovulatory cycles unsuccessful.

July 2014 – Ask to commence IVF privately

October 2014 – IVF #1. 14 eggs collected. 8 fertilised. 2 x Grade 4, 6-cell embryos transferred 18th October. Negative pregnancy test

March 2015 – IVF #2. 17 eggs collected. 6 fertilised. 2 x Grade 2, 8-cell embryos transferred 19th March. 1 x embryo suitable for freezing. Positive pregnancy test!

April 2015 – Scan confirms viable singleton following threatened miscarriage.

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